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HypnoBirthing: Services

What Is HypnoBirthing®?
Through self-hypnosis, special breathing, visualization techniques, HypnoBirthing® teaches you to release fear and to trust your body's ability to birth instinctively. This amazing program teaches you and your birth partner, the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. You will learn how to call upon your body's own natural relaxant and therefore lessen discomfort and the need for pain medication.


*Five 1.5 to 2.5 hour class sessions

*The HypnoBirthing® book by Marie Mongan

*Rainbow Relaxation and Birthing Affirmation guided meditations 

*Class workbook/ handouts including relaxation scripts and birth preferences template

In-Person Investment = $300 per couple

Receive $50 off the total IF combined with Doula Services

Please get in touch to learn more.


When should I start classes?

Anytime after your first trimester! This course is designed for pregnancy, labor, birthing, and tools for the rest of your life. The latest you'd want to start a series is 33 weeks since it's a 5-week course.

Does my partner need to attend? What if I don’t have a partner?

ALL types of families are welcome in class! Partners are encouraged to attend, as it will make a significant impact on their confidence in supporting your labor and birth. However, it is not required. Which is why we offer weeknight and weekend classes. If a partner can only attend a few classes, that is better than nothing, and the first class is especially important. No partner? No problem - feel free to bring any other support person such as family, friend, doula, etc.

Will HypnoBirthing help if I am planning or need a medicated birth, including cesarean?

YES!! The relaxation tools learned in class allow you to stay calm and focused before receiving planned medications and also to make confident decisions if your birthing necessitates a need for medication. Even the daily relaxation practice you will engage in will help baby be happy and healthier, regardless of how their birth story unfolds. HypnoBirthing is also a set of life skills - key techniques that will serve you well on your continued journey into parenthood!

How do I know if HypnoBirthing is for me?

The knowledge gained in this class can be used by ANYONE. We all enter into a state of hypnosis 10-15 times a day, so it's something your mind and body are already used to doing. One of the huge benefits of an in-person class is that I can customize the program to the way you learn best, and troubleshoot with you if things aren't quite clicking!

Will I have a pain free birth?

No one can make any guarantees about the way your birth will unfold, including how much pain you experience. It has been proven, however, that HypnoBirthing classes greatly REDUCE the amount of pain you experience as well as transform the way you experience pain in labor. HypnoBirthing students report using an epidural only 23% of the time compared to the national average of 71%.

HypnoBirthing: FAQ
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